So, the wedding was absolutely amazing! The food was so good I had seconds. It has 5 star. It was along Kuta beach at a resort/hotel. They had a LOVE sign along the little lookout/path thing and it lit up. They had fire dancers that did 2 dances involving fire and blowing fire.

Yesterday we went to waterbomb and it was really cool. There were 3 or 4 new slides that I went on. They were awesomely amazing as well.

Today was just a shopping day! Sometimes I don’t like walking down the streets in Bali because you have to say no if you don’t want to buy anything and that’s like saying NO to chocolate!! Today we went into many shops and to end it off we are going for a swim soon. (10:30).

One thought on “Bali Holiday 7th June 2016

  1. You are making me quite jealous! Do you have any photos of the dancers to go with this post?
    Remember to change paragraph when you change time.

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